Wednesday, December 11, 2013

move space in teradata

In teradata permanent space can be moved from one database to another, below is commands in sequence to perform this task.

1. CREATE DATABASE TDAdmin20131211041448 FROM "DBC" AS perm = 322122547200
2. GIVE TDAdmin20131211041448 TO "dba_dat"
3. DROP DATABASE TDAdmin20131211041448

Monday, December 9, 2013

Starting teradata database service in linux(vm)

For Teradata database express edition  installed on Suse linux, we can check the database service status by
command "pdestate".

# pdestate -a
PDE state is START/TVSASTART.  --which indicates database service is up and running.
PDE state is DOWN/HARDSTOP.   --- indicates database service is down.

we can start or stop the database service from /etc/init.d as

s10-1310:/etc/init.d # service tpa start/stop.

Note: once we start the database service (tpa), this may take few minute to start and enable logons etc.


If you are running into problems getting Teradata started, the first place to check for clues is in the log file:

#tail /var/log/messages
And finally, to check your storage, use the verify_pdisks command:

# verify_pdisks
All pdisks on this node verified.

You may see some warning messages with this, but what we're looking for is the final 'verified' message.