Saturday, December 1, 2012

what is logon privilege in Teradata?

When a user is created in the database it automatically gets database logon privileges, and can
logon from any configured, connected client using Teradata authentication (TD2 mechanism).

By default, the database automatically grants permission to log on for all users defined in the
database, from all client system connections (hostids).

You can use the REVOKE LOGON statement to restrict:
• All logons to the database for a particular user
• Logons to the database by a user through one or more client connections (hostids).

Example :

GRANT/REVOKE LOGON ON hostid1,hostid2.. FROM username1,username2..


GRANT/REVOKE LOGON ON All FROM username1,username2..

where hostid corresponds to a host group (HostNo value).

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