Monday, August 12, 2013

Teradata Viewpoint Services

Teradata viewpoint is web application and is very interactive and efficient monitoring tool, which replace teradata manager and its functionality from version td13, it is installed and run on dedicated server in the network to capture various monitoring and performance data of teradata database system.

viewpoint basically capture data using its data collection service (dcs) and save it to its back-end database runs in postgressql database, its portal service called viewpoint service displays the collected information interactively on viewpoint portlet.

there is mainly 3  services which manage the viewpoint operation
1. viewpoint (portal service).
2. dcs (data collector service)
3. postgresql (back-end database service)

we can check the status of services or start/stop/restart as we face some issue

$/etc/init.d/dcs start/stop/status
$/etc/init.d/postgresql start/stop/status        

$/etc/init.d/viewpoint start/stop/status         

we have their respective log files to check for any error or warnings.


* apart from these services there is supporting service called CAM services for all java based services.

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