Saturday, October 27, 2012

3055 Logons are only enabled for user DBC

In had an incident when we were unable to log-in to Teradata system from any user. the error was reported was "3055:Logons are only enabled for user DBC". this normally happens after some maintenance work or after up-gradation/migration of database or may be database administrator intentionally put restriction.

To sort this issue out, below steps can be followed:

1. Login to the node
2. type command "cnsterm 6" and press enter
3. in supervisor command prompt, type "enable all logons" and press enter.

         Input Supervisor Command:
         > enable all logons
         enable all logons

         12/10/26 03:17:47 Logons enabled.
         Enable Logons of screen debug in ctl have been updated to All.

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