Wednesday, October 24, 2012

change password prompt at first login in teradata

In teradata, table for default user configurations is "dbc.syssecdefaults" and if user is assigned profile then configuration table is "DBC.PROFILES". the password change at first login means making users password temporary or set .EXPIREPASSWORD attribute to 0.

Through Teradata administrator we can modify the user and tick the temporary flag, but this seems not working sometime.

so we have a command to server this purpose,

MODIFY USER myusername AS PASSWORD = myteradata FOR USER ;

this command will set .EXPIREPASSWORD to 0 and will make the password temporary in effect.

Note : please note that above command will work only when if Expire field for profile is not already set to zero, as shown. there should be non zero value in this field and no user session should not be connected.

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